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A1 Bakery

- Holographic Visualization

Collaborating with our client – S&Techs, we worked on two HoloLens POC visualization projects with their existing customers.


  • an interior design visualization for a bakery franchise client who is opening up a new store in the Central MTR Station.

For the visualizations, we have mapped their interior design according to the actual floor plan and integrated the virtual 3D objects and scenes created by S&Techs into the real construction sites, so that when the clients visit the actual pre-renovation construction site, they are able to visualize exactly how the new looks are going to be.

With the Microsoft HoloLens, we were able to create visualizations that present their 3D designs in 3D and in context (mapped to the real world) of the space that they were actually renovating that is True to Scale (1:1), where for example, the Bakery Franchise client can actually visualize how much space the product shelves are occupying in the storefront and how many products they are able to display.



Also, because the HoloLens is untethered and allows viewer to see the real surrounding, the clients were able to walk freely around the construction site while also being able to feel immersed in the virtual designs.

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