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Introducing Varjo XR-4,
Most immersive mixed reality headsets ever built.

Go VR Immersive is now Varjo's Certified Partner and the Authorized Reseller for Varjo's VR & XR products and solutions in Hong Kong. You can get in-touch and order with us NOW!

Introducing the Varjo XR-4 Series, made for superlative immersion. Varjo’s new generation of headsets connect the world’s most advanced mixed reality technology with the pinnacle of graphical processing power, catering to industrial use cases where highest-level visual fidelity and immersion are critical.

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"The Varjo XR-4 Series delivers a combination of
ultra-wide field of view and visual fidelity that
feels completely natural and fully immersive."


Varjo’s new generation of headsets connects the world’s most advanced mixed reality technology with the pinnacle of graphical processing power, catering to industrial use cases where highest-level visual fidelity and immersion are critical.

  • Industry leading visual fidelity with 4K by 4K, 200 nits mini-LED displays and a 96% DCI-P3 color space.

  • Revolutionary full-dome optics span flawless aspheric clarity across a massive 120° x 105° field of view.

  • True human vision replicated in XR by dual 20-megapixel cameras powering up to 51 PPD passthrough and the world’s first gaze-driven XR autofocus system.

  • Advanced sensor fusion combining 300 kpix extended range LiDAR, 200 Hz eye tracking, and all-new ambient light reconstruction cameras.

  • Out-of-the-box functionality for professional use with inside-out tracking and Varjo Controllers with premium ergonomics.

  • Designed for collaboration with integrated speakers providing DTS 3D spatial audio and dual noise-cancelling microphones.

A radical breakthrough in optical design.

Experience a new dimension of immersion. A massively expanded field of view, spanning 120° x 105° degrees, breaks into the revered standard of ‘full binocular vision’, introducing a captivating new sense of depth to XR experiences.

Varjo XR-4 Series have the highest-resolution mixed reality headset displays ever made. Custom full-dome aspheric lenses showcase 28 million pixels of pure visual fidelity with industrial-grade color accuracy, 200 nits of brightness, and local dimming for striking contrast.

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A complete package for industrial use.

No more base stations needed. Inside-out tracking and Varjo Controllers, powered by Razer, come ready to go out of the box, as part of Varjo’s most flexible deployment yet.

Each device can be worn with glasses, with no need for prescription lenses, and has an automatic IPD adjustment allowing for cross-team usage. In addition, integrated speakers that support DTS spatial audio and noise-cancelling microphones enable both deeply immersive soundscapes and the ability to effortlessly communicate in multi-user sessions. The state-of-the-art 200 Hz eye tracking cameras also give access to complete analytics data.


Choose your spatial computing power tool.

The Varjo XR-4 Series consists of three main variants. For use cases where virtual content is the focus of the experience, the Varjo XR-4 delivers best-in-class visual fidelity. For scenarios where real-world elements need to be seen in perfect detail, the XR-4 Focal Edition adds enhanced passthrough with autofocus cameras to the mix. And the Varjo XR-4 Secure Edition is specifically designed for secure training environments, featuring TAA compliancy.

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Add Ultraleap hand tracking to your mixed reality headset.

Have a project that requires hand tracking based interactions? Varjo XR-4 Series support Ultraleap’s Leap Motion Controller 2™ hand tracking module as part of a kit including a custom mount, setup instructions, and license handling.

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