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The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention

"Escape. Drug" 《逃。毒》

SRACP is a government funded charitable organization established to provide rehabilitation and multifarious service for people who are charged with criminal offense, have been convicted of crimes, or released from prisons; as well as to provide community education, mental health service and crime prevention programs for the general public.


GoVR was hired by SRACP to develop a VR simulation game to help facilitate their community education program on promoting anti-drug messages to local primary and secondary students.


“Escape. Drug.” is a first person VR simulation game that brings players into simulated scenarios where they can experience the fearful consequences of drug-using and drug-trafficking first hand. We designed and developed the simulation to allow up to 50 players to partake the game at the same time via VR supported mobile phones and a hosting server.

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