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FILMART 2018: Digital Realities for the Belt and Road - Go VR Immersive Co-Founder Howard Tian featu

Hong Kong’s FILMART 2018 featured developing technologies revolutionising film and TV. These included VR and AR, presented by acclaimed international, regional and Hong Kong companies, with speakers offering new cultural perspectives for China’s Belt and Road Initiative, including animation and narrative filmmaking. As Asia’s largest film and TV market, FILMART received acclaim for its creative energy, business links and global outlook.


Igor Storchak, CEO, Distribution, FILM.UA GROUP (Ukraine)

Brandon Oldenburg, Chief Creative Officer, Flight School Studio (USA)

Corentin Lambot, Producer, Atlas V (France)

Howard Tian, Co-founder, GO VR Immersive

Jonathan Wolf, Executive Vice President, Independent Film & Television Alliance

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