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  • Ho Yeung Howard Tian

Our Co-Founder - Howard Tian田浩洋 was featured on WenHuiBao文匯報 for delivering a keynote speech at the

Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong returned for the third time in September. The Filmmakers Panel Discussion is part of a tradition at the Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong, where each year local audiences, indie-film lovers, and fellow filmmakers can meet with visiting directors and hear firsthand stories of making their film, alongside insight on the business side of filmmaking, including funding, casting, releasing and festival strategy.

The rising popularity of Virtual Reality (VR) technology is exciting news for filmmakers, as it opens many new possibilities in terms of filmmaking. There was a VR Forum on September 24 at The Metroplex, where industry experts including our co-founder - Howard Tian shared their insights on the future development of VR, and how it could be incorporated into modern day filmmaking.

Check out below news clipping for more on our co-founder's view regarding cinematic VR:

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